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In the Program

What will you learn from Artur’ speech

Thanks to many real examples, your company staff (leaders, sales teams, key account managers, etc.) will learn:

Potential of Business in Europe – Facts and Figures
  • European Market in numbers - Your company’s potential based on a preliminary analysis
  • Artur’s experience in doing business with Germany, Benelux countries, France and Poland - over 220.000.000 potential customers
What are the key elements of doing business across Europe
  • Europe - a continent of 44 countries and at least 44 nationalities / opinions / behaviours
  • Europe - a continent of over 200 languages currently spoken
How to find customers in different European countries
  • Being pro-active and “feeling different customers”
  • Finding the unique selling point of your business
How to network across cultures - key points to be successful in international business
  • Events, exhibitions, meetings, direct contacts – find the way of being seen and appreciated
  • Finding what interests your potential customers
How to communicate with customers from different countries and cultures
  • Phone calls, mails, social media – different cultures, different approaches
  • Direct contact - meetings & events
How to position your products – unique selling point
  • What is your product, why should your European customers buy it?
  • Your unique selling point - what differentiates you from the other businesses
How to present yourself and your company/products in the virtual world (LinkedIn/Facebook/Xing, etc.)
  • LinkedIn – a powerful tool helping you to be seen (see Artur’s profile with over 22.000 connections)
  • Using social media in different European countries
Leadership across cultures - being a leader without prejudices
  • Building an international team – it is NOT about a building a team of “we are the same followers”
  • Manage an international team – understand first yourself and then your team
How to build “Trust” - the crucial point in business- and in private life
  • Trust – the only key element in our life
  • Define it, live it and “sell it” to your customers

Proposed Formula For Your Corporate Event

Artur’s spoken languages:
English, German, Polish and French (Spanish and Luxemburgish: upon request)

  • Power Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner
  • 30 to 60 minutes Inspiring Speech on "Doing Business Across Europe - Discover the Key Elements about how to Start and to Grow your Business in Europe"
  • Questions & Answers Session